Take Action / Getting involved

The lives of Palestinians are either invisible or distorted in the mainstream media. That’s why it’s so important that you stay informed and share what you learn with your community. The TOLEF’s email newsletters and public events can provide you with news and insight you’d have a hard time finding on your own. By staying informed, educating others and then taking action, you can help us further our mission.

Scholarship Programs

In 2007 a small Congregational church on Cape Cod called a new minister who came from Old Lyme, wanted to hold a program on Israel/Palestine, and asked for volunteers to help organize it. That was my introduction to Tree of Life and afforded me the opportunity to meet some wonderful young people and not only hear about their challenges living...
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A Call for a Just Peace in Israel/Palestine

Sign the Petition Below Download a PDF of the Petition here The Israeli and Palestinian people are our friends. We refuse to be the enemies of either, and we refuse to watch silently as chances for a just peace are undermined by policies that deny fundamental human rights to Palestinians or any other people.  When as a nation, we lend...
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New Legislation for Palestinian Children’s Rights

Rep. Betty McCollum of Minnesota just reintroduced her legislation in Congress that would prohibit US tax dollars from funding the Israeli military detention of Palestinian children—and this time, it’s an even stronger challenge to occupation and apartheid. The bill is the followup to H.R. 4391 in the last Congress, which gained 31 cosponsors. This bill exists because every year, Israel...
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The Golan is Occupied Syria!

  Dear Friends, Each year for our Tree of Life journey, we urge our travelers to recognize not only the occupation of Palestinian land and resources in an insidious system that can only be called Apartheid, but we also visit the unrecognized Bedouin communities of the Negev where Bedouin, even though citizens of Israel, are treated as second class citizens,...
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