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Action Request: Tent of Nations – February 2023

Daoud Nassar and his family have been friends of Tree of Life for many years, and our 2023 journey will be visiting the Tent of Nations farm soon. We urge you to support the Nassar family in their efforts to keep their land near Bethlehem and contact your members of Congress as described below. Dear Friends: Please Act to Support...
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Refusing to Choose Silence

In our annual Tree of Life journeys, we have learned the importance of the arts for the Palestinian people. The 28-foot wall that imprisons them has been turned into an art gallery, and their Debbke dances, orchestras and ensembles express their ebullient spirit, as if to say, “We will not be silenced!” Thanks to our good friend and member of our...
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Sending Food and Medical Supplies to Gaza

  As we are sure you know, two million Palestinians have been living in Gaza under a draconian siege for 14 years, and Gaza is often referred to as the world largest open air prison. The siege and successive Israeli military attacks have destroyed the Gaza economy and much of its infrastructure, including hospitals and farm lands, further limiting access...
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Send food baskets to Palestine during COVID-19

  Dear Friends, April marks the confluence of the sacred seasons of Passover, Easter and Ramadan, and I believe one of the best ways to honor our Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions is by offering a confluence of compassion for our Palestinian brothers and sisters who have suffered so much from the Coronavirus pandemic. Early in March – during the...
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The Golan is Occupied Syria!

  Dear Friends, Each year for our Tree of Life journey, we urge our travelers to recognize not only the occupation of Palestinian land and resources in an insidious system that can only be called Apartheid, but we also visit the unrecognized Bedouin communities of the Negev where Bedouin, even though citizens of Israel, are treated as second class citizens,...
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