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Alrowwad Scholarship Students

My name is Rayan Ibrahim Abusrour, a refugee in Aida Camp, Bethlehem. I’m an English Language and Literature senior at Bethlehem University. I’ve been a volunteer at Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society for a long time, and it always felt like home for me here. Alrowwad always offers outstanding and original opportunities for their volunteers, including arts, training, learning new languages, getting to know different cultures, and so on. However, one of the most outstanding initiatives done by Alrowwad is offering scholarships with the support of many partners, for university students in need or those who volunteer in society. I was informed 3years ago that my scholarship was through Alrowwad partnership with Tree of Life, for whom I am very grateful that it continued.

Alrowwan-scholarship-studentI am one of the students who were lucky enough to get the financial help needed for me to continue my education journey at Bethlehem University, where Alrowwad took care of part of my tuition. I would say that the greatest help was during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic and the super challenging economic conditions that Palestinians suffered, and still are suffering from. Alrowwad’s – Tree of life scholarship program stopped me from dropping a semester during these challenging times, and I will always appreciate this. Since I stayed on board with my studies, I am now a senior at university, and I’m sure the journey would’ve been ten times harder if it wasn’t for your great help with Alrowwad on so many different levels. I see Alrowwad’s devotion towards helping their community and their sense of solidarity with their society as inspirations for others. And I’ll always appreciate their effort in change-making.


Alrowwan-scholarship-studentMy name is Rawan Aburihan, a nursing sophomore at Bethlehem University.My unique experience with the Alrowwad – Tree of Life Student Fund is vital in my life , it helps me in my studying life, which especially helped me and my parents to pay my university costs in such very difficult times with the pandemic.

The Tree of life contribution to support Alrowwad Student fund for undergraduate students gave me the opportunity to get involved in local community activities and the activities launched by Alrowwad cultural and arts society.


My name is Anas Alkhateeb, a refugee originally from Beit Etab village and a resident of Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem. An architecture graduate from Birzeit University. I specialize in preserving historical buildings that hold the Palestinian identity within its stones. I’m a volunteer at Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society in so many different activities and programs, including Dabka dance, theater, and social programs that target children and youth in the Palestinian society.

Alrowwan-scholarship-studentAlrowwad Cultural and Arts Society is one of the most outstanding NGOs in the Palestinian community, where it covers all fields of interests. This includes arts, theater, music, culture, and social fields. Me being part of this society gave me the opportunity to build my personality and to widen my knowledge. One of the most outstanding programs Alrowwad does is the student fund program in partnership with Tree of Life, that covers University Students’ tuitions. I was one of the beneficiaries of this program where Alrowwad help me not only with my school tuition, but also with my transportation and accommodation expenses. By which this program was the helping hand for me for plenty of my semesters, and made it easier for my parents to help me with my studies. I could never be more grateful for Alrowwad’s major help ever since my childhood and my adulthood. Alrowwad helped me finding my interests, shaping my personality and in making me the engineer I am today. My deep thanks to Alrowwad and Tree of Life. Thank you

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