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Education in a Bottle

Olive OilLast year we sold 1.5 tons of organic fair trade Palestinian olive oil. After our expenses, all the proceeds are used to support our academic scholarships, and so we like to refer to the sale of olive oil as our  “Education in a Bottle” program. The olives that produce this oil come from farms in Palestine, near Nablus. Families continue to work their land despite challenges such as water shortages and being encroached upon by illegal settlements.  These farmers are an example of non-violent resistance to the occupation. Those who purchase our olive oil not only provide financial support for academic scholarships but also support for Palestinian farmers and their families.

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To purchase olive oil in Southeastern Connecticut:


When I was child, our family would drive by the Omar Bread factory in downtown Indianapolis on our way to church. The aroma was powerful, and each week we looked forward to a delivery from Omar The Bread Man to our home. I would like to offer my services as “Omar the Olive Oil Man”, my new avatar!  Back in January and February we sold a lot of Palestinian olive oil, but these record setting sales came to halt with the closure necessitated by Covid 19. If you live in Southeastern Connecticut and If you send me your order by email – – wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, I would be happy to volunteer to deliver olive oil to your home. All the proceeds go to our Tree of Life Educational scholarships for Palestinian students. We call this our “Education in a Bottle” Scholarship Fund.

Please send me your order  – $25 for a 750 ml bottle, $50 for a 3 Liter tin and $20 for a 1 Liter tin. Cash or checks payable to TOLEF will be gratefully received upon delivery or you can mail them to Tree of Life Educational Fund, P.O. Box 968, Old Lyme, CT. 06371.

Omar the Olive Oil Man. (David W. Good)


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