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Comments from English Course Students

1.      Sara Jamil

I am 15 years old; I am a dreamer girl who always looks forward positivity and accomplishments. I want to be a Genetic engineer if I had the chance. Learning English journey started when I was a very little kid the reason was curiosity. Now I’m taking English seriously and I want to get the fluency because is pretty needed in everything that I want to travel around the world and to do the IELTS. So English is a part of my life. I journal in English; I sometimes talk with my close friends in English. So being attended in that course was reasonable and I am very glad that I was a part of it. With my love Sara.

2.     Jana Mujahid

I am 16 years old, and I`ll be a high school student next year.  My future dream is to become a doctor. Firstly, developed myself in the English language and self-confidence through some activities such as presentation, and what I liked most was the way in which we learned words through TikTok videos or Short films….and I really advise everyone to take this course.

3.     Layan Al-Qawasmeh

I am 15 years old, and I am in the tenth grade. My dream is to become a psychiatrist and a hairdresser. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done with us, I have learned many things, I become more confident when I speak English and I learn more vocabulary. I advise everyone to take English courses with you because you teach English in a different, funny , interesting way.

4.     Batool Abuzeineh

I’m 17 years old which is I’m at the  senior year now. My future dream isn’t specific until now, but it’s limited to the field of medicine. It’s a pleasure to attend Sadeq courses. It’s my second time, it’s an amazing experience to have, we learned a lot from it in any possible way either from cartoons, TikTok videos, podcast etc. I really do advise every single person whatever he’s level is to get Sadeq course, at the other hand it’s so joyful, valuable and useful. A real thank to teacher Sadeq wish him the best.

5.     Suad Shawar

I am 18 years old. I am in my first year at university, with my dream major is computer engineering. Technology has always been my favorite subject in school, and I am glad that this major has an extension that will continue in the future.

At first I felt that I had to withdraw and that it was not suitable for me, but fortunately for me, I continued, and I had the best time in this course. I did not often feel bored due to the activities and educational methods used. I learned what are idiomatic expressions, which was something very new to me, and I was excited about my favorite part, which is learning Through Tik Tok, you use more than one sense at the same time (watching, listening, reading), so I advise everyone who is hesitant to join and do not miss this opportunity.

6.     Ghani Shaheen

I am 14 years old, and my dream is to become a lawyer, so I came to this course to be more confident in myself and develop myself.

7.     Tameem

I am 16 years old.  I will be in the 11th grade next year. I have big dreams for my future career. I’m passionate about technology and languages, so I’m considering two exciting career paths: becoming a programmer or a translator. Although I haven’t decided which path I’ll pursue yet, I’m excited about the possibilities each path offers. As I continue my studies, I am committed to working hard and exploring this interesting life

It was such an amazing course from a great teacher like Sadiq. It was a significant part of my life, and I can even say it was an important milestone for me. I’m not just flattering your course; it truly is the greatest of all time, and you are the GOAT.

8.     Rahaf Al-Sao

I am 16 years old and in the tenth class. I dream of becoming a medical laboratory analyst in the future. There’s a saying I love that says: We were created to practice persistence, and that’s how we love to learn from it. Some time ago, I started an English language course with teacher Sadiq Sider. The truth is that this period broke the barrier of fear, as the professor’s honest, cheerful and enjoyable style makes me confident in myself. I have learned a lot of words and terms that I did not know, and what I love most are idioms and Tik Tok videos, which have increased my passion and love to learn more new words and terms.

To be honest with the new experience, this is the first time I have enjoyed learning English and I highly recommend joining it.

9.     Sadeen

I am 14 years old. I am a student in the ninth grade. My goal is to become a doctor in the future. I love the English language very much and I aspire to master it as soon as possible. It is a basic and international language that helps us in various fields such as studying and communicating with others from different countries.

I participated with Professor Sadiq in an English course. It was one of the most wonderful and best courses that changed my opinion about the English language. I gained a lot of meanings and vocabulary. The best thing about this course is the distinctive and different style and the use of various methods to develop the English language and accents, such as Podcasts, Tik Tok videos, and various programs. All credit goes to the wonderful teacher Sadiq, and I certainly advise everyone to participate with him.

10.  Qamar Al-Mohtaseb

I am 16 years old in the 11th grade. The teaching ways in this course are better than school styles. I decided to become like teacher Sadeq when I grow up. I think English is important because I want to talk about Palestinians when I travel in the future.

11.  AbdAllah Al-Jebrini

I am 19 years old, and I dream of becoming bilingual. Taking this course with Sadiq has helped me learn new and unfamiliar ways of learning English. I also love reading. The stories we talked about were enjoyable, and I learned a lot from them.

12.  Obiada Naserdeen

I am 19 years old. I work as a bartender in a café visited by tourists every day, so I wanted to improve my English in this course. It really increased my confidence and helped me learn new words.

13.  Ibrahim Al-Darawish

I am 19 years old. I always hated English because of my bad school grades. I want to be a writer in the future. This course taught me around 600 words, and I really like it. I started to love English because of teacher Sadeq and his style of teaching.

14.  Leen Al-Natsha

I am 15 years old. I will be in the 11th grade next year. My dream is to become a businesswoman. I want to learn English because I want to travel in the future, and I have friends from America. Teacher Sadeq taught me things I didn’t learn at school. I feel more confidant and stronger in English now.

15.  Merna Shaheen

I am 14 years old in the 8th grade. I want to be a translator in the future. In “From the ashes, we will rise” course, I learned how to be an independent learner. Also, I was surprised by the amount of words we learned. I liked presentations the most because they helped me to make new friends and to enhance my presentation skills. Thanks to Mr. Sadeq.


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