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English Course “From the ashes, we will rise”  

“We never know how high we are, Till we are called to rise” Emily Dickinson. At some point, it`s not adequate to have potentials, hopes or future dreams because you might require someone to call you to showcase your true precious essence and capabilities. In the conducted English course, the students and I found such a treasure in ourselves reflecting on the life of David Good who calls everyone to rise and persists in having a continuous influence even after he passed away. Conducting the English course has been an incredible opportunity for the participants to develop themselves on both the academic and the personal level due to the support of TOLEF.

Hebron Students with Sadeq Sider

Sadeq and students

First of all, “From the ashes, we will rise” is a course designed to assist learners acquire English in innovative methods and in a stress-free atmosphere. It tries to bridge the pedagogic gap as a result of the poor school educational system in Palestine, for it focuses on switching the participant’s attitude towards the English language positively. Moreover, it presents a new experience to the learners by introducing new inspirational topics like, idioms, alternatives, everyday life topics, stories…etc. The other thing, it highlights the significance of learning English for many aspects including travelling, working, studying and self-improvement.

Hebron Students

Hebron students

Secondly, the content of the course was so diverse. Consequently, the trainees have been introduced to the English basics, short stories –including the story of David, to around 45 idioms, to alternatives of “angry, tired, happy, hungry and happy”, to movie clips, to some grammatical rules and to issues requiring critical thinking and brainstorming. The participants learned around 600 vocabulary that they used in interactive activities such as, story-writing, speaking cards, words` representation and presentations. In the last two weeks, the presented materials were gradually getting more difficult. For example, idioms like “don’t rain on my parade, walk on eggshells, play devil`s and stuck-in-the-mud” were introduced in the last week. I began to follow a new method of teaching, which is using TikTok videos to obtain new words. As a teacher, during the course, I was called to rise and to show the best I could to my students in terms of teaching styles and of becoming a role-model for them.

Hebron Students

Hebron Students

Also, the participants remarked that the course has developed their inner personalities and confidence in addition to expanding their vocabularies. Furthermore, it gave them the space to think and to freely commit mistakes without being negatively judged. It has also widened their future perception that they think of travelling, of building networks, of volunteering and of studying abroad in addition to the monumental benefit of the requirement of leadership and presentation skills. Moreover, it helped them make new friends and build new positive habits. The learners think that David`s life lessons, the TOLEF and their teacher somehow awakened them and called them to rise to figure out their genuine potentials for a better individual and a better future.

Finally, the course`s outcomes have gone beyond my expectations. First, the revival of David`s memory has taught the participants and I me great lessons. For example, I noticed that reading has slowly become a habit among my students who were inspired by the love David possessed for reading and Emily Dickinson. They actually showed an interest of establishing a book club. Another thing, the trainees have demonstrated a great deal of progress in their language proficiency level. After a content-based exam, they were happy that they knew their journey in learning English isn’t pointless due to their good results and grades. I was excited about the course, and the warm wishes and positive feedback were flames that ignited my passion over and over. The conducted course in the memory of David with your support has given an opportunity to me to serve my community, to make a living and to spread hope among youth whose needs were met in our course.



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