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About Sadeq Sider

My name is Sadeq Sider, and I`m a 23 year old young man who lives in Palestine in the city of Hebron. My childhood dream of learning English made me choose it as my university major, so I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature with a GPA of 87.2%. My favorite course was The American Literature. Consequently, my thesis revolved around the concept of death in the poems of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. I`ve been working as a freelancer giving courses in many educational centers. I have some powerful accounts on social media platforms with a total of 55K followers to whom I teach English and interact with. Also, reading and writing are the core essentials in my life.

Interactions with David Good and Knowing About the Tree of Life Educational Fund

In 2022, my friend Abo Hasan asked me to make a video in English about the soup kitchen and its major role in Hebron. I made that video. Some days later, Dalia called me to inform me how delighted the Tree of Life was with the video. Ghoufran provided me with a link to the organization website before she told me “You might come to the USA to talk about the soup kitchen”. My dream came true, and I received the approval of the journey and the visa. On Saturday, October 15th, I met David for the first time in a visit to the church of Old Lyme. He was impressed when I talked about Emily Dickinson. I suggested going to her museum, and he was happy to take me there where we visited her grave and read some of her poems in the backyard of her house. He encouraged me to pursue my education in Literature and took me to the house of one of his neighbors who was a professor in Literature. Meeting David has truly changed my life. His kindness and his beautiful soul left a monumental positive impact on my personality.

My English Course: Aims, Age of Participants and Needs

In my center, I give different programs and courses depending on the participants’ proficiency level, their ages and their aims. Amongst the curriculums I designed is “From the ashes, we will rise.” It`s suitable for the participants who are aged between 12-17 years old. I have some other curriculums suitable for different age categories. The course aims at enriching the participants` dictions by teaching them around 800 new words in 4 weeks and introducing the English content in new innovative methods. It offers the opportunity to the students to express themselves and to practice English intensively. This course comes as a response to the crucial need of the students to study English because of the terrible conditions Palestinians live under and the inadequate time students spend in their schools.

A Brief Description of the Taught Content Weekly

In my course, the students learn around 200 words a week by reflecting on some vital inspirational topics such as, basics, idioms, stories, TV shows, alternatives, everyday life topics, grammar and critical thinking matters. Moreover, the introduced content is always relatable to the trainee`s life and easy to be practiced.

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