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Holy Days and Holy Nights: End of Year Reflections

During this past holiday season, for those who celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah, in the candlelight of our Menorah and Christmas trees, we remember that all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle. During this season, I also contemplated the “Night Journey” of the Prophet...
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Fall Speaker Series | October 2019

How can we be the answer to this question?   Will there really be a Morning”? Is there such a thing as “Day”? Could I see it from the mountains If I were as tall as they?   Oh, some Scholar! Oh, some Sailor! Oh, some Wise man from the...
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TOLEF’s Siraj Awards Presented for 2019

Each year at our Tree of Life annual meeting, we present our Siraj Awards to those who have distinguished themselves by their volunteer spirit. In their own quiet ways, they have helped to strengthen the work we do. The Arabic word “Siraj” means torch, and it’s good to remember those...
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Direct from the Refugee Camps

Tree of Life Educational Fund Westmoreland UCC Mideast Committee and the 2019 North America Nakba Tour invite you to The Exiled Palestinians Stateless Palestinians from the Camps in Lebanon   On May 14, 1948, as Zionist leader David Ben Gurion was proclaiming a Jewish state in Palestine, his troops drove...
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Fall Speaker Series – October 2018

Thank You for Supporting Tree of Life’s Rachel’s Children Fall Lecture Series! Since January of this year, more than 900 Palestinian children under 18 have been arrested or detained by the Israeli military. The primary charge is throwing rocks. Many of these children are arrested from their homes in the...
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Knesset member to speak in Conn.

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, voted on July 19th to formally tear equal citizenship rights away from the Palestinian population of Israel. That is, 20% of the Israeli population. This is not talking about the West Bank and Gaza, where Palestinians have been stateless for 70 years. This newly downgrades...
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Speak Out For Palestinian Lives

This Sunday in New Haven – come if you can and bring friends! Sunday, April 29th at 1:05 pm at the women’s table in front of Sterling Memorial Library Yale University, New Haven Learn more about this event organized by Yale Students for Justice in Palestine: