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Tree of Life 2022 Fall Speaker Series

  The Tree of Life Educational Fund will be presenting a program exploring the severe impact of the Israeli occupation on the economic vitality of the city of Hebron and the challenges of daily life for Palestinians living there. While many use the more familiar name of “Hebron”, we should honor how Palestinians use the Arabic name, “Al-Khalil”, which means...
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Spring Nostalgia Visit – July 2022

  During our March Tree of Life Journey, participants met with an organization – “Spring Nostalgia” – near Nazareth that works with children and teenagers who have suffered from cancer. To provide them with some much-needed Rest and Re-Creation after their grueling chemotherapy and radiation treatment, they asked Tree of Life to host a group of 15 former cancer patients...
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Virtual Lenten Series | March 12 – April 2

Embodying the Way of the Prince of Peace Lenten Series Sponsored by the Central Pacific Conference Palestine Israel Network We have a rare privilege during Lent to walk with some outstanding human beings who embody the Way of the Prince of Peace in the Holy Land. Come meet Robi Damelin and Bassam Aramin, an Israel Jew and a Palestinian Muslim,...
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Fall Speaker Series | October 2019

How can we be the answer to this question?   Will there really be a Morning”? Is there such a thing as “Day”? Could I see it from the mountains If I were as tall as they?   Oh, some Scholar! Oh, some Sailor! Oh, some Wise man from the Skies! Please to tell a little Pilgrim Where the place...
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Fall Speaker Series – October 2018

Thank You for Supporting Tree of Life’s Rachel’s Children Fall Lecture Series! Since January of this year, more than 900 Palestinian children under 18 have been arrested or detained by the Israeli military. The primary charge is throwing rocks. Many of these children are arrested from their homes in the middle of the night – a terrifying experience that can...
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Courageous Women of Resistance – October 2017

Many thanks to all who participated in our Courageous Women of Resistance series. Fayrouz Sharqawi of Grassroots Jerusalem engaged audiences throughout Connecticut and Massachussets with an amazing story of challenge and hope. Her work with Palestinian community outreach has made incredible impact and empowered countless youth and adults. As our Portland, Oregon host said about Fayrouz “Fayrouz is wonderful:  articulate,...
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