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2022 Fall Speaker Series


Dalia lives in Hebron in the West Bank. She is a 2020 graduate of Bethlehem University with a Business Administration and Marketing and is currently working as a public relations director at Hebron Expo. Dalia enjoys learning about the different industries that exhibit at the Expo, networking, and building relationships with her colleagues and clients. Her goal is to be a successful businesswoman with her own business. Dalia’s entrepreneurial talents are already evidenced by the online clothing boutique she owns and operates, Carli Boutique,

Sadeq lives in Hebron and is a 2022 graduate of Hebron University with a B.A. in English Language and Literature. He enjoys reading, writing, and teaching. While a student he was an English Language Instructor at different local and national centers, such as the Youth Development Resources Center, and taught English on social media platforms, developing his own course “Learning English through TikTok”. For several years Sadeq has supported his community by volunteering at different charitable organizations, such as Hebron Zakah committees.

Mella is a student, blogger and beginning journalist. This year she will complete the final year of the Research Master’s in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. As an undergraduate student, she studied Middle Eastern Studies and Philosophy in the city of Groningen. Besides her studies, she worked for the university newspapers of both universities. Studying the occupation of Palestine in university and having the ambition to become a journalist in this field, she wished to experience the situation on the ground. As the city of Hebron is justifiably called a microcosm of the ‘conflict’, this seemed the right place to go. She enrolled in a human rights and Arabic program at a local center for two months. In the third month, she carried out her own journalistic research on the violence of settlers in the city of Hebron and wrote an article that was published on Mondoweiss. In addition, during her time in Hebron she wrote a personal blog about her experiences, which was picked up by a Dutch pro-Palestine organization that asked her to speak on protests and solidarity meetings.
The Mondoweiss article:

Community Peacemaker Teams (formerly Christian Peacemaker Teams) will be represented by their Care Coordinator. She uses the framework of Healing Justice to accompany her colleagues in their vital work in conflict zones. Prior to joining CPT, for over 20 years, she worked in Philadelphia and New York City non-profit organizations, seeking out the intersection of spirituality and justice. Along with incarcerated women and women living on the outside, she co-founded an Associate Degree program at a prison in New York City and taught undergraduate students as a professor at the Oregon Extension of Eastern University. In addition to her work at CPT, she nurtures space for people to heal and thrive through spiritual companionship/direction.

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