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At Tree of Life Educational Fund we aim to affect change by educating the American public. Through our educational and cultural events, we bring Palestinian, Israeli and other international voices of conscience together to inform our audiences on the realities of life in the occupied territories, and the history of the ongoing conflict. We also aim to show the beauty and steadfastness of Palestinian culture by showcasing traditional Palestinian dance and music, art and food.

We believe that an informed public has the power to shift the current narrative by sharing their newfound knowledge within their families and communities, and with their elected representatives at the local, state and federal levels.

Tree of Life Program – October 2022

In October, we are planning a program with a special focus on Hebron that will be offered in locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Hebron or al-Khalil is always on our Tree of Life itinerary, for a journey there helps to underscore how brutal the Israeli occupation is for the indigenous people of the Land of Canaan. We’ve walked down Shuhada Street and...
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Spring Nostalgia Visit – July 2022

  During our March Tree of Life Journey, participants met with an organization – “Spring Nostalgia” – near Nazareth that works with children and teenagers who have suffered from cancer. To provide them with some much-needed Rest and Re-Creation after their grueling chemotherapy and radiation treatment, they asked Tree of Life to host a group of 15 former cancer patients...
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