To discover how to be human now is the reason we follow the star!

January 2 – 13 with Optional Extension to Bosnia, January 13-19

2024 Tree of Life Journey

In all his letters Mazin Qumsiyeh, our good friend, founder of the Palestine Natural History Museum, professor at Bethlehem University and author of “Sharing the Land of Canaan” closes with the important reminder to “Stay Human.”

As we all struggle with so much inhumanity, we need that wise reminder now more than ever, and we need those who exemplify what it means to “stay human” even when surrounded by so much violence, hate, greed and fear.

If you also are in search of your deeper humanity, if you wish to move beyond theologies and politics of exclusion, if you want to meet Tree of Life’s extraordinary ensemble of friends — Christians, Muslims, Jews and those of no particular faith identity who everyday demonstrate what it means “To Stay Human”, please join us! We’d love to introduce you to our friends!

Our journey in the Land of Promise – the Land of too many broken promises – will be from January 2nd to January 13th, and then, for those who can join us for the extension, we will have the extraordinary opportunity to visit Bosnia, a place that continues to struggle but in courageous and compassionate individuals demonstrates a more hopeful future!

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2023 Journey Updates

A Night Journey in Pursuit of Prophetic Wisdom

Following are three updates from our recent Tree of Life Journey. Our group is now back home, and they are eager to share their experiences with their friends and neighbors, schools, faith communities and elected officials.


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Palestinian Olive Oil
Online ordering now available!

Last year we sold 1.5 tons of organic fair trade Palestinian olive oil. After our expenses, all the proceeds are used to support our academic scholarships, and so we like to refer to the sale of olive oil as our Education in a Bottle program. The olives that produce this oil come from farms in Palestine. Families continue to work their land despite water shortages and being encroached upon by illegal settlements.

We have been asked by members of our community who would like to support Tree of Life through olive oil product purchases but live outside our current distribution area of Southern Connecticut, Cape Cod, and Boston if it is possible to buy the Al’ard olive oil. It is not feasible for us to ship to other regions, but we have reached an agreement with Al’ard whereby people can order from the Al’ard website, receive a 5% discount, AND 5% of the sale before shipping costs will be donated to Tree of Life.

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Staying in Touch

News from Gaza