Who We Are

Nermin “Miki” Duric

Nermin “Miki” Duric (he/him) was born and raised in Bosnia. After the occupation and genocide in Bosnia, Miki came to Connecticut as a refugee and settled in Hartford. Wethersfield

resident since 2004. Due to his entrepreneurial nature, Miki started his own business at the age of twenty. He has successfully managed insurance and real estate firms ever since. He received his B.A. degree from CCSU and MBA degree from University of Hartford. His wife Leila earned her Law Degree at UConn. They have four children. Miki started learning leadership skills at age seven when he was forced to find ways to feed and protect his family during the occupation. Since then, he served on various boards and belonged to various organizations. Helping establish and lead Bosnian Community Center in Hartford which serves over 3,000 community members is maybe the biggest project of all. He currently serves as a town councilor in the Town of Wethersfield, CT.



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