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From Our Friends at Alrowwad


Tree of Life supports Alrowwad with an annual donation for university scholarships to students in the West Bank. 


Dear Friends and Supporters,

In such dramatic times, Dehumanization and Demonization of Palestinian people and their supporters in the world, we continue to work to respond to our people’s needs and serve with respect and dignity those who are in need.

The Israeli occupation have thrown about 5,000 workers from Gaza, who were working on the Israeli side on October 7th, into the West Bank. About 400 (men, women and children – workers and people under medical treatment) from Gaza are in Bethlehem, hosted mostly in community centers in Bethlehem refugee camps (Deheisha, Aida and Beit Jibrin camps) in addition to the YMCA in Beit Sahour. Those who needed a continuous follow up are installed in the hospitals. Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society in Aida refugee camp since the beginning of the war and blockade around Bethlehem and in the West Bank, has opened its guesthouse to the Palestinians and whoever who were blocked from returning to their homes outside Bethlehem, and under such circumstances for those who found themselves in Bethlehem without possibility to return to death in Gaza.

We are trying our best to do what we can to serve and respond to the needs… Food, clothes, medicine and other needs they may have. Clearly, now, we cannot do it alone. We do need your take before people can return home safely. If you think this deserves you contribution, we are deeply grateful for your donations wherever you are.


Donate Here

Friends of Al Rowwad-USA 501 (c3) Charity
Newton Executive Office Center
233 Needham St, Suite 300
Newton, MA 02464




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