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Tree of Life Supports Tent of Nations


This year has been very challenging for the Tent of Nations. They have experienced vandalism at the farm, including a fire that destroyed over 1,000 trees, which greatly reduced the revenue from olive and fruit harvests. Your donation will help us buy trees for Tent of Nations to plant at the farm.


Tent of Nation Tree Donors

We wish to thank everyone who donated to our fund to buy trees for planting at the Tent of Nations. Participants on our March 2022 journey were honored to present Daoud with Tree of Life’s donation.

As you may know, last year over 1,000 olive and fruit trees on the farm were destroyed by fire. Also, because of Covid, there have been very few international visitors to help work the farm.  This year continues to be a struggle for the Nassar family as property vandalism has recently escalated to physical attacks on Daoud and his brother Daher while they were working at the farm. About 15 masked Palestinians from a nearby village attacked them with iron bars, large sticks, and razors, resulting in serious but not life-threatening injuries to both. However, it is important to know that most of the village and its leadership are supportive of the work the Nassar’s are undertaking through the Tent of Nations farm.

The Nassar family has always shown great strength in the face of adversity and a commitment to non-violence. Tree of Life is proud to partner with them, and we greatly appreciate the generosity of those in our community who have provided financial support to Tent of Nations.


Donor Name Tribute Type Tribute Name
Prudence Allen in Honor of Ingrid Kay
Susan Burfoot
Elaine & Jack Brouillard in Honor of David Good and Daoud Nassar
Jill Charney & Bill Golden
Jeanne Clark in Honor of Robert S. Clark
Becky & Ted Crosby
Dr. Virginia Feldman
Emily Fisher & Evan Griswold
Dianne Gregory in Honor of Noreen Thompson
Susanne Hoder in Honor of Daoud Nassar
Louise & Eugene Lynch in Honor of David Good
Dorothy Lyon
Claire Matthews
Elizabeth Russell in Honor of Jim Russell and Michael Tucchio
Philip Rydingsward in Honor of Chopin Rydingsward & Family
Sameer Hassan & Adma Woodhead in Memory of Juliette Hassan
David & Betsy Sams in Memory of Parents of Dave & Betsy Sams – David, Dorothy, Elizabeth, & Paul
Judith Simmons in Honor of Dan & Shirley Jones
Judith Simmons in Honor of Susan Heske
Virginia Westbrook in Memory of Joyce Dedrick Barker
Virginia Westbrook in Memory of Rev. C Irving Cummings

Photo: Katie Archibald-Woodward

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