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2022 Tree of Life Journey

Tree of Life Journey: March 8 – 20, 2022

In March of this year, I had the honor of leading 16 travelers on our Tree of Life Journey to Palestine and Turkey. We were proud to be one of the first groups to successfully embark on a journey since the closures necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. I was very grateful for our intrepid travelers who navigated considerable protocols and challenges to be a part of this journey. How wonderful it was to see our old friends at Shepherds Field School, Palestine Natural History Museum, Al Aqsa, Bedouin Women for Themselves, Breaking the Silence, Community Peacemaking Team in Hebron, and Tent of Nations where we helped to make it possible to plant dozens of olive trees to replace those destroyed by fire. We had a moving visit to Anza, a small village near Jenin, that’s the ancestral village of one of our young travelers. To see the joy of her homecoming and the hospitality of the village underscored how powerful the Right of Return is for those with deep roots in the Land of Canaan.

Having completed this journey, we are now even more confident and excited as we make preparations for our next journey!  With Ramadan being even earlier in 2023, we plan to depart in either late February or early March.  We’ve already heard from many who are interested in taking part in our next journey, and soon, as we get more information, we’ll be sure to post the details on this website.  In the meantime, check your calendars, and let us know if you’re interested!

With hope and in solidarity,

Ghoufran Allababidi
President, Tree of Life Educational Fund


Reflections on the journey by one of our travelers: Norah’s letter.





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