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Messages from Palestine

Messages from Palestine #1


Greetings from Palestine,

Last fall our family had an unforgettable journey to the United States, we have been generously invited by the Tree of Life Organization to share our music, and to spread the joy of the Palestinian culture. We really enjoyed every moment as it was a delight to visit our tree of life family again.

Seeing all these crowds in each venue gave us hope for better future, believing that change can happen, peace can be achieved as long as there are people believing in our fair case, who can see the real struggle we live in each day. We invite all humans to come and experience our lives, visit our beloved Palestine, and share with us the joy of life despite all of the obstacles we have.

Thank you Tree of Life for the awareness you raise, the advocacy you make which is a massive help for Palestinian. If you are not aware of their great work, visit their website here and look for their upcoming events, or make it extra special and sign up for their next journey to Palestine.

Tamer Al Sahouri, Nadine Shomali, and Hani Sahouri
Beit Sahour

Rawan SubohWe all know that the information, media and news we receive are all biased, but I’ve never thought that I’d meet people who’ve never heard anything about Palestine, who don’t know what Palestine is!! In October 2019 I was delighted to have the opportunity to represent my country for the first time in different venues in the USA. The Tree of Life Educational Fund invited me to be the youth ambassador for my country during their fall series entitled; “Will there really be a morning?”

In my presentations I focused on the barriers of “Access to Healthcare for Palestinian Children”, I wish I was able to let people see the truth of what exactly happens here. I invite all the people to visit Palestine to see the truth, and to feel the love of God through the eyes of the Palestinian people who despite having suffered decades of occupation and dispossession, they maintain their faith, and aspire for hope.

Rawan Suboh, Bethlehem


I was honored to represent my country in different states in the USA this last fall as an ambassador, to raise awareness about the Palestinian cause.

During my trip to the USA I met people who told me that the first things that pop to their minds when they hear the word Palestine are “War”, “Terrorism” and “Killing”,  not knowing that Palestine is rich with its historic and archaeological sites, and has amazing landscapes and interesting cultural activities.

I invite you to visit our beloved Palestine, to enjoy our food, atmosphere and culture, and also to see with your eyes the truth of what is happening here in the Holy Land when the media is trying to cover the facts.

Sofian Ali, Bethlehem



Dalia ShehadehWorking with a multicultural environment requires a certain level of patience. It is important to respect their differences. This means restraining yourself from commenting on things you are unfamiliar with or don’t particularly agree with and accepting others cultural backgrounds for what they are.

Working with people from other backgrounds exposes you to customs, cultures and practices you might never have otherwise come in contact with. I had an amazing opportunity to show the American people the reality and current situation of the Palestinians who live in Hebron. That encouraged me more to ask myself when the whole world will have a good morning and peace! Especially when I saw that the audience eyes in each venue during the Tree of Life Fall series 2019  are seeking for freedom and peace for everyone, they are looking for humanity.

Daliah Shehadeh, Hebron

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