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Rebecca Fadil

Fadil attended Tel Aviv University during the Oslo years and ended up working for a small village (an intentional community founded by a Jewish, Egyptian, Priest) on the green line called Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam where Jews and Palestinians have been living and raising their children together in a bi-national/bi-lingual primary school since the 1970’s. It was during her involvement with Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam that she met her Palestinian American husband. Fadil has worked at the Karen Horney Clinic, the Arab American Center in Brooklyn NY, and the Council on Foreign Relations as special assistant to the Director of the US/Middle East Project. Fadil is involved with the Palestine Israel Network of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Kairos USA, Founder of the St. Michael’s Task Force on Israel-Palestine (a ministry of an Episcopal church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan) and co-founder and steering committee member of the USA Palestine Mental Health Network which seeks to draw the connection between the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the mental health of both Palestinians and Israelis. With a broad extended family living in the diaspora, Haifa, and Ramallah, the consequences of the Nakba have of course become deeply personal for her. Fadil is a psychotherapist in private practice and splits her time living between Washington DC and Charlottesville, Virginia.

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