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Help Build Support for Palestinian Children’s Rights

Tree of Life Educational Fund, Jewish Voice for Peace, the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and Defense of Children International-Palestine have been working together to encourage Congressional support for H.R. 4391, “The Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Detention of Palestinian Children Act.” H.R. 4391 was introduced by Congresswoman Betty McCullom, (D, Minn-4) and now has 30 congressional cosponsors. To see the legislation, including a summary, click here.

Help encourage Congressional support for this important Human Rights legislation by signing the Resolution in Support of H.R. 4391 and getting other organizations and individuals to do so as well. As we build a list of endorsements we will deliver the Resolution to Congresspersons to show that their constituents want them to support H.R. 4391.


Sign Here! A Resolution in Support of H.R 4391