Current Action

H.R. 2590: New Bill Promoting
Palestinian Rights

Tree of Life Educational Fund and its partners are working together to encourage Congressional support for H.R. 2590 – The Palestinian Children & Families Act. This bill is being introduced by Congresswoman Betty McCullom, an even stronger follow-up to her two previous bills. Help encourage Congressional support for this important Human Rights legislation by having your organization sign a Resolution in Support of H.R. 2590

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Virtual Lenten Series

Embodying the Way of the Prince of Peace
March 12 – April 2

We have a rare privilege during Lent to walk with some outstanding human beings who embody the Way of the Prince of Peace in the Holy Land. 

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Upcoming March 2022 Journey

Teach Your Children Well

In their song, Crosby, Stills and Nash offer important words for all children in the human family:

You, who are on the road
Must have a code that you can live by
And so become yourself…
Teach your children well.

For our March 2022 Tree of Life journey, we will have a special focus on education. What is the “code” being taught to the children of Israel and Palestine?

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Staying in Touch

Palestinian Olive Oil

Last year we sold 1.5 tons of organic fair trade Palestinian olive oil. After our expenses, all the proceeds are used to support our academic scholarships, and so we like to refer to the sale of olive oil as our  Education in a Bottle program. The olives that produce this oil come from farms in Palestine. Families continue to work their land despite water shortages and being encroached upon by illegal settlements.

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