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Raising Awareness

Since 2005 events have been held in many U.S. locations featuring Palestinian, Israeli, and other international speakers who advocate for peace in the Holy Land.

First Hand Experience

Leading interfaith journeys to the Holy Land to observe the violation of human rights in the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land as well as witness the work of non-violent peacemakers in the region.

Taking ActionTaking Action

Getting Involved

We actively engage our volunteers and former travelers in advocay efforts to effect legislative change and investment strategies.

From Rev. David W. Good

Holy Days and Holy Nights: End of Year Reflections

During this past holiday season, for those who celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah, in the candlelight of our Menorah and Christmas trees, we remember that all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle…   Read More

Current Action

H.R. 2407: New Bill Promoting
Palestinian Children's Rights

Tree of Life Educational Fund and its partners are working together to encourage Congressional support for H.R. 2407 – Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act. This bill was introduced in 2019 by Congresswoman Betty McCullom, a followup to her H.R.4391 bill last year.

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Allow Palestinians to Export Produce

The Israeli Government recently took action to prevent Palestinian farmers from exporting their agricultural products through the ports and land crossings. This will cause additional hardships on Palestinian farms and families and further cripple the Palestinian economy already struggling under Israeli occupation.
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